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Helping Companies, LLP’s and Academy Trusts comply with Streamlined
Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legislation.

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SECR Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting

This site provides online reporting tools and expert advice to help businesses calculate carbon emissions and comply with SECR legislation.  Experienced sustainability professionals are on hand to help your business save money and carbon. 

SECR is the acronym for Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting.  Large unquoted companies, LLP’s and academy trusts operating in the UK are now required to report on an annual basis their carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Quoted companies must continue to report their global scope 1, 2  & 3 (Grey Fleet) GHG emissions and report their underlying global energy use for the current reporting year.

"Our sustainability experts can produce a more granular report to help businesses drive down emissions, comply with regulations and show suppliers, clients and the public that they are serious about tackling their impact on climate change."

SECR auditor

How this site helps you comply with SECR legislation.....

Whilst the sites Carbon Calculator instantly generates a company’s annual carbon emissions for free, its primary function is as a data gathering tool.  Upon completion of the calculator, the data is sent to our experienced energy professionals who produce a fully compliant SECR report, quickly and accurately.  

Instead of just generating an automated report, our experts review and verify the information.  Using this information our specialists produce a fully compliant SECR document.  We do all of this within 24 hours of submission of the data.  Our SECR carbon calculator is quick, hassle free and excellent value for money.

Collect the data

Click on the icon above to download our data gathering form.

Input the data in our Carbon Calculator

Our online carbon calculator will instantly calculate your scope 1,2 & 3 (Greyfleet) emissions

Purchase a SECR compliant report

At the end of the carbon calculator, you will have the option to purchase a SECR compliant report for £450+vat.

Comply with SECR

Receive report within 24 hours of pressing submit. Include the report with your annual directors statement and you will be SECR compliant.

SECR - Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting

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