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Helping Companies, LLP’s and Academy Trusts comply with Streamlined
Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legislation.

SECR Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting

Streamline your Net Zero Journey

This site and its tools are free to use.  It is intended as a resource to help organisations comply with SECR legisaltion.  If you require help or more advanced carbon/energy saving services, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Don’t forget to check out our FREE site: if you are looking for practical solutions to reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Our sustainability professionals can:

  • Calculate & report carbon emissions, including your supply chain (scope 3).
  • Develop and deliver a bespoke Carbon Reduction Plan (example)
  • Set targets and provide real solutions on how to achieve them.
  • Generate annual SECR report (example) & provide summary document (example)
  • Update reports on an annual basis
  • Undertake and Sign-off ESOS compliance (if required)
  • Be on the end of the phone/TEAMs to provide friendly expert advice whenever you require.

Recent Clients include:

Kurt Geiger……FIRE ANGEL….HG Construction……..BJSS…..TARA DEVELOPMENTS… to name but a few….

Why choose us?

Our team of sustainability experts have built systems that automate the business carbon calculation process.  This means we can provide accurate fully compliant reports quicker and at low cost.  

If you would like a free, no obligation chat with a sustainability expert then contact us, or e-mail: [email protected], or call 03333 448 499

We give you tools and advice on how to reduce your emissions using real products and real services. To enable this, we have built the website which is FREE to use.





What is SECR?

SECR is the acronym for Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting.  Large unquoted companies, LLP’s and academy trusts operating in the UK are now required to report on an annual basis their carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Quoted companies must continue to report their global scope 1, 2  & 3 (Grey Fleet) GHG emissions and report their underlying global energy use for the current reporting year.

Services include: 

  • Free Carbon Calculator + Free energy conversion calculators – tools to help organisation get an understanding of their current emission levels.
  • Help and advice to achieve Net Zero (click here to find out more) 
  • Fully validated SECR report comparing year-on-year emissions and splitting emissions by Green House Gas [click here to see an example] 
  • Fully validated SECR summary report, suitable for copying directly in to directors statement [Click here to see an example].
  • Business Carbon Reduction Plan writing and implementation [click here to see an example]
  • Third party validation of your own carbon calculations by our experts 
  • Annual carbon report; comparing year on year reductions, setting targets and analysing achievements
  • Expert advice from sustainability professionals on how to implement carbon reduction systems
  • Purchase of carbon offsets
  • ESOS compliance
  • Energy efficiency audits providing payback on investment on real technologies and services.

Engage our experts to verify your data and produce fully compliant SECR reports and Carbon Reduction Plans (complying with PPN06/21).  We can produce fully costed carbon and energy reduction opportunity reports based on real products from real suppliers. 

Our experts can help your organisation understand and comply with carbon emission reporting requirements.  We are able to help organisations screen emission sources, collate data and produce accurate carbon emission reports.  We help companies prepare carbon reduction plans and provide expert advice on how to reduce emissions year on year.  

SECR scope types 1

Our detailed carbon reports track year-on-year emissions, review against targets and help focus the corporate environmental agenda.

Let our experts do the hard work for you.  We can help map, record and calculate your emissions.  We can help your business implement carbon and energy reduction systems that make the most impact and offer real payback on investment. Our unique software allows our experts to produce bespoke reports based on real products and services.

Why we are different....

We have developed ground breaking and unique energy assessment software enables our sustainability experts to complete energy audits quickly and at reduced costs.  All our auditors are fully qualified ESOS Lead Assessors.

The advanced software produces energy, cost and carbon savings on real products.  Our extensive industry connections means that we can arrange the install/commissioning of each product and service we recommend.

Therefore, our experts can:

  • Calculate, map and target your business carbon emissions
  • Undertake energy efficiency audits producing detailed payback on investment reports recommending real products and services.
  • Help write a Carbon Reduction Plan and implement carbon management systems such as the Internal Carbon Fee
  • Produce reports analysing achievements to date and setting new targets.
  • Calculate and purchase offsets required to reach Net Zero

What can our experts bring to the table?

Our experts have a wealth of experience in energy audits, carbon management and sustainability.  

Our director has recently written a Masters dissertation entitled ‘Would a fixed internal carbon fee help the UK reach net zero emissions by 2050′.  It presents a pioneering concept recommending that instead of imposing a carbon tax (which many experts are pushing for) the UK Government legislates that companies must charge themselves an Internal Carbon Fee.  The revenue generated from the fee is then used by the company to invest in low carbon/energy saving initiatives.  Many large companies are already implementing such systems on a voluntary basis.

We are helping companies implement an Internal Carbon Fee mechanism to help drive down emissions and direct investment.

If you would like to read the dissertation, please click here (be warned- it is very long).  We are happy for you to share it (we encourage you to do so – we think all Governments should implement the idea), however, please ensure you credit the author, Paul Bleasdale, De Montfort University and that the data was supplied by

Looking to purchase carbon offsets?

Use our free Carbon Calculator to calculate your annual carbon emissions.  At the end of the 5 minute process, select ‘I want to purchase carbon offsets’, press submit, and we will present a list of UK & International carbon offset projects and provide a detailed breakdown of your investment options.

SECR auditor

How this site helps you comply with SECR legislation.....

Whilst the sites Carbon Calculator instantly generates a company’s annual carbon emissions for free, its primary function is as a data gathering tool.  Upon completion of the calculator, the data is sent to our experienced energy professionals who produce a fully compliant SECR report, quickly and accurately.  

Instead of just generating an automated report, our experts review and verify the information.  Using this information our specialists produce a fully compliant SECR document.  We do all of this within 24 hours of submission of the data.  Our SECR carbon calculator is quick, hassle free and excellent value for money.

Collect the data

Click on the icon above to download our data gathering form.

Input the data in our Carbon Calculator

Our online carbon calculator will instantly calculate your scope 1,2 & 3 (Greyfleet) emissions

Purchase a SECR compliant report

At the end of the carbon calculator, you will have the option to purchase a SECR compliant report from £450+vat.

Comply with SECR

Receive report within 24 hours of pressing submit. Include the report with your annual directors statement and you will be SECR compliant.

SECR - Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting

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